Downtown Calgary apartment renters – great news!

Downtown Calgary apartment renters you have something to celebrate. Calgary city council is tapping into reserves for approved spending of up to $100 million to fill downtown office vacancies.  This should generate job growth. Hopefully of the high paying kind.  Read more about it here

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What is the truth on the jobs impact from Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion?

Facts every Canadian should be aware of – This is from an Elizabeth May interview: If we had a deep investigation of the propaganda around Kinder Morgan, we’d get more Albertans marching with us. … The evidence from UNIFOR (Canada’s largest private sector union) that Kinder Morgan threatened Canadian jobs was rejected by the National Energy Board because the board said it wasn’t in their jurisdiction to study the jobs impact. That should have been gobsmacking news. What it means…

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Young men are not recovering their jobs

It appears that jobs created in the recovery are not benefiting young men as much as the population in general. They either don’t have the skill set or the education to pursue these opportunities. It may be time for education grants to help them increase their productivity.  

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Calgary’s skyline is attraction international attention from Architects

Calgarians who have to live and work in the city and choose from a myriad of housing and rental apartment or condo option probably don’t notice how the city’s skyline is changing.  Visitors, though, are amazed by the shift both in urban density and design.  Calgary is evolving rapidly.  Its exciting and bodes well for a future that offers exciting opportunities for those involved in design, architecture and city planning.  If you are looking for a place to rent it…

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CREB on Calgary housing and economy

If you are wondering how the various impacts (stress test, interest rate increases, discount on Alberta’s oil price, slow increase in jobs) are going to effect Calgary Housing I would strongly recommend that you read the latest CREB report. A lot of research has gone into writing the report and even if you do not agree with the conclusions you will come away much more informed. The conclusion is that, barring any unprecedented event, its slow and steady for the economy…

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Make a date to watch the blue moon from your rental apartment

Its a once in a lifetime event.  Make a date to watch the Blue Moon on January 31st from your rental apartment.  The how to guide is here. It promises to be exciting and memorable.  A truly once in a lifetime experience.  One you will be talking about till the day you die.  Join me and all the others with their eyes glued to the heavens as mankind has done in awe for posterity. Share your pictures as I will…

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Calgary jobs are coming back

According to the CBC news today, Calgary jobs are coming back but applicants have to be flexible in their approach and skill level and to accept less pay than the traditionally lucrative jobs in the oil and gas sector.  In the long run, this makes our economy more robust and offers more trajectories to growth.  Entrepreneurs have more avenues to pursue to success.    

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Renting an apartment in downtown Calgary

Renting an apartment in downtown Calgary is fairly easy nowadays as there is sufficient vacancy to satisfy demand.  However, with the price of oil increasing, I wonder if supply will tighten as the economy improves. As a matter of strategy, I think if you are renting an apartment in downtown Calgary it may be an idea strategically to find your dream apartment now while you can.  

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