Westview Heights Calgary indoor pool 3

Downtown Calgary rental apartments and their amenities

I was looking at downtown Calgary rental apartments and their amenities and Westview Heights fares very well by comparison.  We offer a big indoor pool, a large fitness room, washer and dryer on each floor, fob security, LRT a block away, a large rental office on the premises, three elevators, a large lobby and meeting area, and finally a grocery store and daycare on the ground floor. Some downtown Calgary rental apartments offer pets wash, car wash, yoga room, etc. …

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Rental apartments in SW Calgary are great for transit and amenities

Would you agree that rental apartments in SW Calgary are great for transit and amenities? Calgary is the best Canadian city to drive in, according to a global ranking system devised by a German auto parts retailer. The rankings come from kfzteile24, which evaluated 100 major cities worldwide, including five in Canada. Calgary ranked 10th overall, just behind Munich, Germany, and just ahead of Bern, Switzerland. Montreal ranked 13th followed by Toronto at 14th, while Ottawa came in at 22nd…

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Westview Heights front entrance 1

Our new lobby

Do you like the changes in our lobby at Westview? We would love to hear from you. You should also begin to notice other changes in the building.  I am not going to share them with you because I want to see if you notice 🙂

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Westview Heights
825 – 8th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta T2P 2T3
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