News Updates – 2018

Canada’s economy on trajectory of 2% growth According to Stats Canada in the month of May nineteen out of twenty industries grew.  This broadly based growth is a result of healthy consumer spending, due to a healthy jobs market, and business investment, which ties to business confidence.

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Tenant Newsletter – Fall 2018

CONTACT INFORMATION MAIN OFFICE: (403) 262-1178 For any of your apartment living concerns during Hours of Operation: Monday 8:00am to 4:00 pm, Tuesday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm. EMAIL: For any questions or concerns. AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES: 403-371-2249 To mitigate damages to the unit, please contact our after hours line to report FIRE, SEWER BACK UP, FLOOD, HEATING ISSUES, GAS SMELLS, ELEVATOR MALFUNCTIONS AND ANY POWER OUTAGES. SECURITY We kindly ask all resident to…

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Renting in downtown Calgary as an investment strategy.

This article today in the Globe and Mail highlighted the strategy of many investors to rent rather than save.  Renting in downtown Calgary is becoming increasingly popular among millennials.  They are close to work while saving because rent is cheaper than the costs involved with a purchase.  

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Downtown Calgary renters and the impact on your lifestyle from electric vehicles.

Downtown Calgary renters may expect to see the downtown core density increase as the cities work around shorter travel distances, reduction of the carbon footprint, increasing the effectiveness of the transportation hub and the premium increases for living downtown as compared to the suburbs. Read more about it here  

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Downtown Calgary apartment renters – great news!

Downtown Calgary apartment renters you have something to celebrate. Calgary city council is tapping into reserves for approved spending of up to $100 million to fill downtown office vacancies.  This should generate job growth. Hopefully of the high paying kind.  Read more about it here

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What is the truth on the jobs impact from Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion?

Facts every Canadian should be aware of – This is from an Elizabeth May interview: If we had a deep investigation of the propaganda around Kinder Morgan, we’d get more Albertans marching with us. … The evidence from UNIFOR (Canada’s largest private sector union) that Kinder Morgan threatened Canadian jobs was rejected by the National Energy Board because the board said it wasn’t in their jurisdiction to study the jobs impact. That should have been gobsmacking news. What it means…

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Young men are not recovering their jobs

It appears that jobs created in the recovery are not benefiting young men as much as the population in general. They either don’t have the skill set or the education to pursue these opportunities. It may be time for education grants to help them increase their productivity.  

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CREB on Calgary housing and economy

If you are wondering how the various impacts (stress test, interest rate increases, discount on Alberta’s oil price, slow increase in jobs) are going to effect Calgary Housing I would strongly recommend that you read the latest CREB report. A lot of research has gone into writing the report and even if you do not agree with the conclusions you will come away much more informed. The conclusion is that, barring any unprecedented event, its slow and steady for the economy…

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